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Our Groups

We draw volunteers from seven parishes: St. John, St. James, St. Mary, Assumption, Lafourche, Terrebonne, and St. Charles. Our group is guided by a board of directors led by President John Kosar. We acknowledge the valuable contributions of former President Ted Hoffman and former Vice President Gibbons Robichaux. Our organization is funded by grants and community donations.

There are currently two band directors: Mr. Billy King, retired band director at East and West Thibodaux Middle Schools, Mr. Glynn Dagenhardt, retired band director at Houma Junior High School. We thank former directors Mr. John Stafford and Mr. Raoul Prado for their contributions to our groups' development! The band has approximately fifty to sixty members representing a wide range of ages and talents.

Musicians meet for rehearsals on the second and fourth Thursday each month in the Fall and Spring. We practice twice a week during June(Tuesday and Thursday) for our Summer concert. Rehearsals are an opportunity for band members to play alongside seasoned musicians while practicing sight-reading in a light-hearted, supportive atmosphere. Music pieces of varying levels of difficulty are chosen to support concert themes. Musicians with a desire to play and a moderate skill level are welcomed to join us in presenting concerts for community audiences. 

There is no charge for membership and volunteers are provided a free band shirt. For qualified adults who would like to play but do not have an instrument, we have a loan program on instruments.  


Dixieland Band is currently inactive.

Established to preserve the Jazz heritage, this band is the only performing Jazz Band based between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  The band size varies between 7 to 8 pieces and is available to play on request.  Please allow 2 weeks for booking a performance.  To hear sample selections from the Dixieland Band, access Dixieland Along the Bayou .

  Dixieland Band Manager:  Ted Hoffmann, Jr. ()


Saxophone Ensemble

Capable of producing music with 7 voiced saxophones, this band ranges in size from 4 to 7.  The Ensemble may include Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, C-Melody, Tenor, Base, and Baritone Saxophones.  This ensemble visits area schools and other organizations to promote awareness and appreciation for saxophone music. Please allow 3-4 weeks for booking a performance.  Refer to Ensemble to sample a few selections from their repetoir.

  Saxophone Ensemble Manager:  Wayne Shell (985-446-0313)



Performing with the Bayou Community Band,   Group rehearsals are held one month prior to concerts.

  Choir Manager:  The Choir is currently inactive  ()







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